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Not sure where to start when it comes to insurance? These articles might help. From healthcare trends to dental coverage, our expert views can help you make smarter choices and decisions.

The ABC of Life Insurance

Life Insurance doesn’t have to be a mystery. Buying it does not need to be frustrating or stressful, but getting it right is very important. Learn the basics first so you can go on to choose your coverage wisely. Many people think insurance is very costly and remain unprotected – but this is not the case.
Here is how to make choosing the right life insurance as easy as A, B, C.

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Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

The first step to purchasing the right kind of life insurance for you and your family is to carefully assess why you need the coverage and how much you need. Once you have an understanding of these needs and the reasons for buying insurance, you will ensure you will find the most appropriate solution for you and your family.

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Why are Singaporeans under-insured, or worst still… not insured at all?

Studies commissioned by the insurance industry have suggested that Singaporeans are under-insured. Many are not insured at all while among those who are, many are under-insured. The highest number of under-insured Singaporeans fall under the 30–49 age group.

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Life Insurance – 5 essential things to consider

There are many reasons why you should understand the basics of life insurance - no matter who you are.

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Your Journey to Financial Independence

Overcoming Financial Roadblocks – Throughout your life your circumstances and financial needs will change many times – sometimes unexpectedly.

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The Importance of Travel Insurance

With increasing affluence, an abundance of low-cost carriers and budget accommodation, and the Internet providing a wealth of information on the destination of your choice, travel today is an essential stress-buster for many wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life...

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Why Should You Consider Home Insurance?

The cost of purchasing or building a home, not to mention that of decking it with fittings, fixtures and furnishings and carrying out other renovations, can be huge. Apart from monetary investments, there is precious pooling of time, effort and sweat that goes into giving shape to your perfect home. It is important therefore to consider the possible risks to your home and your coverage needs...

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Why Should I consider Dental Insurance?

“My oral health is perfect! I do not have any toothaches or pain in my mouth.” This is a common misconception many people have, resulting in irregular dental visits or negligence in maintaining their oral hygiene. Often, people discount the importance of preventative dental care, not realising that regular visits to the dentist not only keep their teeth and gums in tip-top condition, but also allow the dentist to examine, diagnose and treat any dental problems early, saving you subsequent costs on expensive restorative procedures...

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Healthcare in the US

Healthcare in the United States (US) is among the best in the world thanks to highly trained doctors, nurses and specialists who offer excellent services in modern state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics. An impressive 34 of the world’s top 50 hospitals are found in the US...

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Health Shield

Your health is the most valuable of all your assets. Can you imagine enjoying any of the creature comforts you work so hard for without good health? It is imperative that you lavish as much, if not more, attention on your health needs as you do on your home and car. Consider the following reasons for securing yourself and your family against the potentially high costs of medical treatments before you ignore such a risk as ‘unlikely to occur’...

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